Sometimes, you need to pause and make some upgrades. Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways. Beginning last year, we were having a test run on partly subcontracting out work and binding projects. Unfortunately, we put most to all our eggs into one proverbial basket, and then the basket was shut down for months, and then the basket and farmer’s carrier service added an additional month and a half+ to many orders, and also destroyed a whole batch of eggs, requiring the farmer re-purchase goods. Long story short, Covid-19, and many, many unfortunate turns of events, side-lined production i. 2020.


It’s now WELL into 2021, and we are caught up on all but just a handful of orders which are being completed at this very moment. This all said, THE STORE IS NOW OPEN(!!) for limited sales of pre-existing binds (AKIKO in three volumes by Mark Crilley is a first example of what will be a fun, though limited number of, pre-made, hand-sewn, volumes being sold DIRECT and shipped out ASAP!).

Additionally, we have limited Pre-Sales of currently being bound volumes (all Pre-Sale volumes will have a 12-16 week for busy seasons, such as the holiday season, as well as the collegiate textbook seasons, but those volumes that are more than halfway completed, and thus will be likely to ship out much, MUCH sooner, will have *** Asterix *** in the book(s)’s title, 🤫 shhh, it’s a secret!. 


In many cases, the volumes being sold that warn of 12-16 weeks, must have their materials, issues, tpbs, etc., purchased, put in queue, require a file exchange, further action from the bindery (binding, trimming, billing and invoicing, etc.), so these are for books you’re willing to wait in case the perfect storm (like the one described in the opening, y’know, a pandemic and mental illness, as I’m a book binder who thinks he’s a farmer, and his books are eggs after 2020.

But 2021’s here, and we’re now close enough to caught up to in good conscience open the store back up, with additional bindery assistance, as well as design services for those bind savvy, but not design savvy, customers. And for those bind and design savvy customers who would like Selected License Use (a Non-Commercial Sharealike License) of our specific designs of our’s, we’ll be introducing a 2-Tier, file processing fee charge for the free use of the graphics to be included, edited, and altered at your own discretion! 


We have to keep our sales route options open, so we will also be selling our inventory simultaneously first on eBay, and later on Etsy as well — however, both of those sales services charge additional fees, and so book’s prices on those platforms will reflect the additional costs required via those services. Thus keep checking back on our website and follow us on Instagram, Twiiter, and Facebook, for the latest binds, as well as updates on the progress of dozens and dozens of custom bound comics!


-Dakota Goldsworth

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