Comic Order Instructions

No need to pull staples or use a heat-gun on trade paperbacks! Any special requests and inquiries can contact us at


1: Open our ONLINE DIGITAL ORDER FORM, to help us begin the graphic design process. Please wait to ship your books, until after the DESIGN & PROOFING PROCESS. We can either send you the finished PDFs for Title Sheets to print and include, or that we can send directly to the Bindery (they currently charge $7, per side, for color printing, so please be forewarned). Upon request, Heroes Rebound can print and ship these Title Sheets 


2: Download, print and fill-out our PRINT ORDER FORM and include one per custom volume that you’ll be sending in. Please refer to their most recent prices changes via their website directly (located at HFGROUP.COM).

July 2023 Binding Fees/Options

3: Stack your issues, trade paperbacks, and/or hardcovers (of equal page sizes) in the order per volume that you would like them bound in. First issue on top facing upwards, etc., to the last issue on the bottom of the stack. Please measure 📏 the stack’s spines to make sure it’s under 2 inches ($8.50+ charges for over 2 inches) as if it were the book’s future bound spine.

4: Ship your comics and printed and completed order forms to:

HF Group / HRS
ATTN: Comic Books
340 First Street
Utica, NE 68456


5:  We will then send you proofs of your books Title Sheets, as well as Front & Back Covers. Once approved, we will send you the Graphic Design Invoice via Business, +3% PayPal Invoice fee.

6: Please allow for some busy seasons taking up to 16-20 weeks. Upon completion of your order, the HF Group will send you the Binding Invoice, and upon payment ship your books using UPS or FedEx, whichever is least expensive to your area. A Check or Credit Card will be required for final payment.